KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator

KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator 1.03.03

KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator

KSSW-FrontendMenu is an easy-to-use Menu Creator for making Autorun Menu applications. The program comes complete with a large number of ready-to-use templates and project assistants, which make getting fast professional results child's play. KSSW-FrontendMenu has been designed to create all the files necessary for autorun, it supports Splash Screen and it is optimized to start your programs, documents or presentations reliably from your CD. KSSW Front End Menu Creator will not put boundaries on your creativitiy. Through background image and the buttons with customizable graphics, you completely control the look and feel of the user interface. KSSW-FrontendMenu uses drag-&-drop to enable you to drag menu objects such as buttons, List boxes, text fields from the object bar into the Menu Window. Then all you do is link these objects to your documents or programs. Absolutely no programming knowledge is necessary.

KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator


KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator 1.03.03

User reviews about KSSW-FrontendMenu Creator

  • robertplank

    by robertplank

    "very easy to use menu creator"

    I really like this menu creator. It's great for USB drives, CD's and DVD's. The best part about it is probably that ther... More.

    reviewed on April 1, 2015

  • dantimothy

    by dantimothy

    "Great program that allows you to create a wide variety of menus"

    Really solid program that is easy to use, fully customizable, complete with so many different options. . More.

    reviewed on March 26, 2015